This is a notification area for issues that were discovered in the current release of Coach it Soccer.  These issues will be fixed in the next release.

1.  App exiting when leaving Game Dashboard or Viewing Statistics:  Check to see if there are any players with blank names and delete them.  Go to Manage Teams, click Edit and delete the player with a blank name.  Also check the Statistics to ensure there are no stats with blank name.  Go to Customize –> Statistics and delete any stats with a blank name.

2.  How to Schedule a Game without seeing it on your Calendar:  This is a workaround for those who don’t want to see the calendar entry of a scheduled game in their iPad calendar.  When entering the date for the game, scroll down and select a calendar that you don’t want to show up in your regular calendar (e.g. iCloud–>Class Time on iOS 7).  Then in your iPad calendar, turn that calendar off (e.g. deselect iCould–>Class Time).  You will have to select the same ‘no-show’ calendar for every game you schedule as the app defaults to your default calendar.

3.  “I scheduled a game but when I hit ‘Start’ it doesn’t do anything”:    Go back and put in a date for the game.  Coach it Soccer uses the date for sorting and filtering statistics so a date is required.  This will be fixed so that it won’t allow you to schedule a game without a date.

4.  Player Timers showing up zeros in View Statistics Module:    If you “Open” a game after a game has ended in the Game Dashboard, make sure to “Close” the game before exiting the Game Dashboard.  It can zero out the timers for that game if you exit the Dashboard without Closing the game.  We are working on a fix for this.

Still having issues or would like to request a feature enhancement?  Please email us at

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