Quick Start

The following is a Quick Start guide for Coach it Soccer:

  • Select the “Game Dashboard” from the main screen.
  • Select a team by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen (a “Sample Team” is provided to help familiarize you with the product. You can create your own teams using the “Manage Teams” module accessible from the main Coach it screen).
  • Select the “Games” button in the upper right and click on the “Add” button to schedule a game.
  • Type in an opposing team and set the date and time of the game (Note: Games will show up on your iPad/iPhone calendar.  To find out how NOT to add the games to your iPad/iPhone calendar please see the “Support” page on this website)  You can also type in a location which will also show on your calendar.
  • “Save” the game for later or select “Start Game”.
  • Start the clock when you are ready.
  • With a team on the field you can make position substitutions.  Just drag your finger from one player to another.
  • Select “Delayed Mode” from the upper left part of the screen to plan your substitutions. Players will not switch positions until you select the “Commit Substitutions” button and commit them.
  • Try different formations by selecting the button in the lower right that will be displaying the current formation (e.g. “11: 4-3-3″).   Note:  If you don’t see a formation that fits your team you can create your own formations using the “Formations” module accessible from the main screen.  Easiest way to create a new formation is to select an existing formation and modify it (add, delete, move or rename positions).
  • Save lineups (formations with players in pre-defined positions) by selecting the “Save Lineups As…” button.
  • Record statistics by clicking on a player and selecting the statistic (Goal, Shot on Goal Missed, Assist, etc…) and by clicking “Done”.
  • Record opponent stats by selecting the “Opponent Stat” button in the upper right.
  • To see game stats in real time select the “Show Game Stats” button in the upper right
  • To see a timeline of stats in real time select “Show Game Stats” and select “Timeline”.
  • To Edit stats during a game perform the step above and select “Edit”.

Email us at support@coachitsoftware.com

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